White Lies We Tell Others During This Process

Since I’ve left my job and even the process of quitting my job, the question of what do you tell others? I’m now 32 so it you can’t tell people you’ve retired; others just don’t understand and I’m not going to do nothing. So what do we tell them…

  1. I am taking a travel sabbatical.
  2. I am unemployed and I’m loving it!
  3. I work remotely.
  4. I’m a financial advisor/money manager.
  5. I’m working on a side hustle.

All these little white lies are to help protect either ourselves or others to the criticism that we receive back from them. So how does one get through this struggle of losing your self-identity or perceived life purpose as they step away from their traditional lifestyle that society lives? We tell these little white lies to get by or we hold it in and that’s okay, but it’s also really nice to find the FIRE community and friends within it to share our accomplishments. I’ve also been fairly open in sharing with important people in my life that I think will handle it well and maybe should hear about the FIRE movement and what it takes to become financially independent because sometimes even if they aren’t open in the moment to receiving it, it might be opening the door for them to evaluate the concept later.

So what should we tell about what we’re doing? I had a friend tell me I just need to tell them what I’ve been doing recently.

  1. I’ve been… painting, kayaking traveling.
  2. I’m enjoying my life while I’m young and healthy.
  3. I’m retired… yes at age…

Whatever you decide to tell them, it isn’t right or wrong. You get to choose how much or how little of your future life you want to share with them. I like the idea of being honest, but it still can be confronting at times and may make you want to retreat with what was told.

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