Living Life at the Intersection

I’ve recently started noticing how it is the intersections in life that create game changing situations. There are a lot of intersections that won’t be game changers so you could fail going this route, but being true to yourself and having the persistence is where you’ll find your place in this world.

Why do I speak about this topic on my blog?

If you’re going through your Early Reset and looking for what comes in life after financial independence, you do NOT have to look at your past to figure out what comes next. You may have been amazing at your job and you may have learned a ton, but it is those skills and the aspects you enjoyed of that job that you may look back to assess what you like. But don’t stop there!

Take time to evaluate other paths in your life you may not have taken. If you already reached financial independence, now is the time that you get to do things you don’t have to be paid for. It doesn’t mean you won’t make money in the future, but it does mean you have some security in doing big things.

Take action and learn to fail because failure is just another aspect of your life to learn from, and it can make you more successful in the future. Look for the lessons in failure and look for ways you can change your life with your own path in the world.

Where to look?

Look at inspiration from things you enjoyed as a kid. Look to family and friends who know you well and ask what they think lights you up. What things in life give you energy? For myself, it’s traveling, especially in foreign countries. It’s trying new things. It’s learning about other people’s stories and new things. I’m actively trying to learn things on the peripheral of my knowledge base and seeing what things I enjoy. It’s listening to my body, my mind, myself and listening to the positives not the fears that come along with it.

Where can I find a great example of this?

I watched Chef’s Table Pizza S1E4. In it, Ann Kim, a Korean immigrant, makes pizza and starts up several restaurants. Her pizzas are a true reflection of herself and both of her cultures! Kimchi on pizza and Korean BBQ pizza — these are delicious pizzas that take someone living at the intersections of life to create. You aren’t going to have a classic pizza shop creating these out of the box pizza ideas.

Another great resource for this concept is in the book “Range: How Generalists Triumph in A Specialized World” by David Epstein which delves deeper into where progress at these intersections have been made.

So find the spare that is truly your own, live in that intersection of what makes you different than those around you. Your background, your education, your unique perspective, we need outsiders to the status quo and norms to help create space to motivate and expand the future.

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