Life Hacking Your Favorite Splurges

In my other post 10 Lessons I Learned From Living Abroad, Lesson #1 was find ways to have other pay your main expenses. When I lived abroad this was in the form a company sponsoring my move and therefore paying most of my living expenses. While this isn’t common for most people, there still are ways to find smaller wins to accomplish this.

Certain jobs do have similar perks. If they require living abroad or traveling for work, they’ll typically pay for food, flights, and hotels or housing. If you’re already traveling for work, some companies will allow you to extend your trip to stay in locations for a couple extra days and you can do an extended vacation while you’re already there.

Travel agents often get perks for every X number of nights they book they get a free night or even if you stay at hotel and airline chains, getting points back for your stays or miles. Influencers also find ways to get free items or stays.

While I only started mystery shopping after I reset early, it’s definitely something that can be started sooner. I’ve been enjoying the process and getting to eat out at restaurants for a short survey on my personal experience at their establishments.

Mystery Shopping- There are several different companies that allow you to mystery shop and some of them are random things as well. PrestoShopper is an App that shows local mystery shops and then you can join the individual programs that appeal to you. There are restaurant shops, clothing shops, ice cream shops, car shops, apartment shops, and even wedding dress shops and activity shops.

House Hacking- This option has many options including having roommates that pay for your mortgage/expenses, or, which allows you to watch other people’s houses and/or pets while they are away in exchange for a place to live. Some of these sits can involve needing to be at home for a good portion of your time, so pay attention before signing up for these types of sits.

Pet Sitting- If you’re a pet lover, dog walking or feeding cats or other pets while people are away on vacation or out during the day is a great way to bring in some cash. TrustedHouseSitters as mentioned above is a way to take care of others’ pets while you’re traveling.

Credit Card Hacking- I’m no expert on this field, but it doesn’t take an expert to get some use out of credit card hacking. If you’re already good at paying off your credit cards monthly, getting points or cash back for your regular purchases is a great way to utilize the programs.

Bank Rewards- Some banks offer opening bonuses for accounts that you open with them. Keep an eye out for these types of offers, especially if you’re already looking to open an account with a company.

There are a ton of other ways to also bring in income for your time, however I don’t have experience with these options. Freelancing depending on your background. for child or senior care, pet care, tutoring and housekeeping services. Taskrabbit. Fetch Rewards.

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